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When working with Stacey you can guarantee that she'll support you to be the very best professionally that you and your team can be.

Stacey is the most impressive all round highly skilled individual that I have ever worked with. 

She sets extremely high standards, never dips below those standards herself and is a brilliant coach to help others step up.

I am a business owner or senior executive and I want to reclaim my time

Quick turnaround, high-quality document creation

Confidante and trusted second pair of eyes from someone who has been in your, and your client's, seat


Bespoke Chief of Staff guidance and training to align with your personal and company's requirements

Taking career driven individuals to the next level 


I want to take the next step in my career and become a Chief of Staff

I want to explore introducing the Chief of Staff role into my company

Delivering tailored guidance and training

Maximise the value to your company, clients, and employees by introducing the Chief of Staff role


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Future Chief of Staff guide

C, Insurtech co-founder and MD of Transformation, ex-McKinsey

Having had the pleasure of working with Stacey, I found her to be diligent, self-motivated and able to cut through the noise to understand, and deliver, the ‘ask’ – at pace.


She stands out in that the work she produces is to a high-standard, and she is not afraid to hold even the most senior of positions to account to get to the right outcomes.


Stacey has a clear passion for quality deliveries, and ensuring effective communications to all levels of the business are part of any strategy, ensuring collective understanding and, importantly, buy in.


Hey, I'm Stacey, aka SSB


I established SSB Strategy to enable me to focus on what I do best, which is making others be their best professionally.


I'm incredibly proud of my career history, going from hourly rate temp roles to 6 figures by my early 30s. The speed of my progression is mostly down to my passion for my career. I know what I am great at, I know how I can add value, and I know what I enjoy. This, along with some great managers and mentors along the way, has given me a career path that has included a Chief of Staff role at HSBC, Group Head of Transformation for an insurance company and insurtech, and Service Delivery Director at a data insights company.


Since starting SSB Strategy, I've been overwhelmed by the testimonials I've received, as I am so passionate about making senior execs shine, and championing superstar assistants to take the next step in their career. You can check them all out on the Testimonials page.


SSB Strategy shouts about its core purpose of being the only place for your Chief of Staff needs; meaning I've heard the question 'so what is a Chief of Staff' far too many times!


You can head to our LinkedIn page for an article I wrote if you want more detail, but essentially, the Chief of Staff is a jack of all trades, master of many. Acting behind the scenes to the senior exec, resolving issues and taking away the noise so the senior exec can focus their time where they can maximise their time and value add.


Unlike a superstar assistant, the Chief of Staff is more strategic, they won't just ensure meetings are in, they will lead them, co-ordinate deliveries and at times be the senior execs' delegate.


Through my Personal Chief of Staff services, I have turned around client proposals in just 2 days using their draft notes (they won the pitch!). I've also leaned on my time as a Group Head of Transformation to draft an end to end programme plan for a new business - this was whilst the owner was away for a week, he came back to a ready made plan of attack.


For clients who maybe can't invest in a full time Chief of Staff at the moment, or have extremely tight turnaround times, I do the work of the exec. Allowing them to spend their time when they 'do them' best, and allowing them to leverage my insights from my time in FTSE 100 companies to insurtechs.


Demand of my Personal Chief of Staff services is increasing daily. I was super fortunate that previous colleagues engaged from day 1, wanting me to pick up things for them, trusting me to produce the work in their name. This demand meant I had to bring forward my plans to also provide the Future Chief of Staff element of SSB Strategy. Where my clients have a superstar assistant who they want to retain, or assistants who are looking for their next career move, Future Chief of Staff is here to allow them to achieve just that.


With my Future Chief of Staff course, you can jump straight to the good stuff! Save time with endless research and learn there and then with insights and practical tasks. If upon completion of the course you are interested in becoming a Chief of Staff, or even if my background has inspired you, you can then access 121 time with me where we can refine your career path, focus on development areas or even work on a business case to introduce the role to your company.


I absolutely adore 121 time with people who are at a career cross roads, or are maybe dipping in confidence. I have been there, I get it, and I have got through it.


So that’s it, that’s me!


If you could benefit from Personal Chief of Staff services, or want to explore the Future Chief of Staff course; everything is accessible on our website and you can even book in a free discovery call with me if you just want to chat.


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